The JILS Blog is the outcome of our realization that a bi-annual publication has its limitations in fostering timely debates and discussions. While a journal is an appropriate space for a detailed analysis of events, several rounds of rigorous editing and peer reviewing may delay publication. In this age of fast news and 30-second sound bites, a blog serves to fill the gap that a journal cannot. It gives space for analysis of an event before it loses its relevance altogether. This is why we at JILS have decided to start our very own blog on matters of law and society.

The JILS blog is a continuation of our work in the journal and will subscribe to the same high standards that we have set for our publications. Our hope is that with the greater involvement of experts in the field of both law and the social sciences, the blog will witness intense debates on important issues. We also hope that the ideas contained in the posts will inspire others to undertake greater research in these areas. The views expressed in this blog, however, are those of the authors alone.


We at JILS eagerly look forward to your comments. However, the following rules should be kept in mind: 

1. The posts published on JILS Blog are those of the authors alone. The Editorial Board of JILS merely line edits them and ensures they adhere to our quality standard.

2. We strictly don’t allow personal attacks.

3. Comments posted on the JILS Blog may be removed if they are personal/off topic in nature.


Please give credit to the author of the post and to the JILS Blog along with a link to the original post.


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