Interview Series : Reforms in Legal Education


The Journal of Indian Law and Society is proud to announce the upcoming release of its Volume 10, which lays a special and dedicated emphasis on legal education in India, its development and the need for reforms.

As a prelude to its release, the JILS Blog team has decided on an initiative to interview the eminent personalities in their respective fields from prestigious  institutions and universities across the country, in order to solicit their suggestions and opinions on reforms in legal education and publish the same on the JILS Blog in the form of a series. We will interview legal luminaries on pertinent issues like mental health, attendance issues in law schools, reforms in the curriculum, and other relevant and engaging issues. We believe this will provide a strong background to the launch of the Volume 10, and will also constructively add to the existing discussion on the need for reforms on legal education, especially coming from the Professors who are most involved in the process of designing and imparting legal education. In the past, JILS Blog team has interviewed with Prof. Catherine A Mackinnon, Prof, Madhava Menon, Flavia Agnes to name some  academicians and activists across disciplines.

In lieu of the same, JILS Blog is proud to hereby officially announce the launch of its special interview series, in which we shall publish interviews with eminent minds working in the field of legal education. These interviews shall be mainly revolve around discussions on the theme of Reforms in Legal Education in India.

We also feel proud to announce that Lawctopus has officially partnered with us for this Interview Series and the interviews shall also be published on the website of Lawctopus.

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