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Beyond the Noose… – Part II

by Ayani Srivastava and Priyattama Bhanj In the Part I of the post, the authors discussed the need for revamping the laws governing the crime of rape with focus on the nature of medical evidence which should be procured in … Continue reading

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Beyond the Noose…

by Ayani Srivastava and Priyattama Bhanj This is the first of a two part series by the authors discussing the changes in the legal system which need to be made in order to ensure that rape laws do not remain … Continue reading

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NOTA Judgment and the Right to Reject: Is it a Goal too Far?

by Vasujith Ram The Supreme Court in PUCL v UOI held that the EVMs must now include the NOTA (None Of The Above) button as an extension of secrecy for an eligible voter’s right not to vote. Since the petition … Continue reading

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Campus Politics in India

by Namrata Mukherjee The emergence of the youth as a distinct political class is especially conspicuous in newly founded nations. The same is the case with India, where organized student movements have played a major role in our independence struggle. … Continue reading

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