Undue Sympathy: A Judicial Evil?

A Case Comment on Pushpanjali Sahu vs State of Orissa (2012 AIR SCW 5447) by Sohini Chatterjee The Merchant of Venice has been immortalised by, among others, the courtroom scene in Act IV Scene I. In this timeless scene, Portia, dressed in the garb of a male lawyer, makes an eloquent speech on mercy. She ardently asserts that … Continue reading Undue Sympathy: A Judicial Evil?



by Ayani Srivastava The recently released movie Policegiri depicts a 'supercop' who has no respect for established rules, is corrupt and he is a system unto himself. There have been several movies previously, which have had similar themes and have been box office successes. These movies portray the police as doing anything to nab a … Continue reading Policegiri